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Nunukan Island Resort


Nunukan Island Resort - Indonesia Dive Resorts - Dive Discovery Indonesia

Indonesia, the world's largest archipelago is composed of more than 17,000 islands stretching over five thousand miles across the equator is straddled between the Asian and Australian continental plates. This extensive constellation of islands inevitably offers colossal diversity in terms of wildlife, topographies and ecologies including volcanoes and mountains, thousands of miles of beaches, unexplored rainforests and of course endless unexplored offshore reefs that offer the greatest variety of marine life on this planet.

To the east of Borneo, the third largest island in the world lies the Maratua Atoll and its lagoon, typical of Indonesia's constituent islands that are minor in size. On the very southern-eastern tip of the lagoon are a few untouched islands and it is here, on Pulau Nunukan that Extra Divers are proud to introduce the newly opened Nabucco's Nunukan Island Resort.

The resort is defined by two main areas, the first compromises of the open air restaurant and bar, dive centre, office and shop overlooking the long jetty to the open sea side and the second area located on the opposite side overlooking the lagoon consists of the landscaped gardens and the lavish guest bungalows.

Nunukan Island Resort - Indonesia Dive Resorts - Dive Discovery IndonesiaNunukan Island Resort - Indonesia Dive Resorts - Dive Discovery Indonesia

The heart of the island retains the original vegetation and the fascinating, almost alien-like formations of the kalp limestone. The wooden walkway that stretches over the island linking the bungalows to the restaurant and bar area offer you plenty of opportunity to observe the natural beauty of Nunukan.

There are 10 beautifully crafted wooden bungalows, equipped with air-con, mini bar and sea view shower room on Pulau Nunukan, carefully constructed to merge into the natural surroundings, dotted along the sea shore with direct beach access and conveniently positioned so that you can enjoy the sunset from the outdoor bed located on your large terrace. How indulgent!

Nunukan Island Resort - Indonesia Dive Resorts - Dive Discovery IndonesiaNunukan Island Resort - Indonesia Dive Resorts - Dive Discovery Indonesia

Our lush open air restaurant setting will provide all our guests with a relaxing and comfortable place to unwind and socialise whilst enjoying a plethora of fantastic cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The dining experience commences with a cooked to order breakfast served with freshly baked bread and tropical fruit juice and continues with a la carte lunch. Dinner is an elaborate affair with a five course set menu using only fresh, high quality ingredients encompassing the best that Indonesian cuisine has to offer and integrated concurrently with western style dishes, allowing natural flavours to emerge and stimulate the senses.

The tantalising house reef that stretches the length of approximately 4 kilometres gives divers the opportunity to delve into un-chartered waters. Nabucco's Nunukan Island Resort is offering unlimited unguided house reef diving using our local tuk tuk boats that depart at varying times of the day according to guest needs. Guests have the freedom to decide their own entry points along the reef and the tuk tuk boat will ensure a pick up following the dive.

The house reef has so far revealed plenty of potential with every dive disclosing interesting sightings. To date the reef has occasionally offered to those lucky divers turtles, spotted eagle rays, big stingrays, dogtooth tuna, groupers, leopard and nurse sharks as well as small nudibranches and leaf scorpion fish. Even with the absence of the 'big stuff' the light cascading through the large gorgonian fans, the swaying of whip corals, the walls covered in purple leather corals and hard corals make for a pleasurable dive.

Interspersed throughout your stay, speedboat daytrips will be arranged to the infamous dive sites of northern Maratua such as Big Fish Country, the large channel that connects the lagoon to the outer reef. Trips to the western islands of Kakaban and Sangalaki also offer opportunities to spot those graceful mantas. You can snorkel between dives on Kakaban itself, as it is a natural wonder containing a landlocked mangrove framed lake which is full of four different species of non-stinging jellyfish.

Experience Nabucco's Nunukan Island Resort and safeguard unforgettable memories in Indonesia.

Nunukan Island Resort - Indonesia Dive Resorts - Dive Discovery Indonesia