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Passport to Paradise

Bunaken, Bangka & Lembeh Diving

Passport to Paradise - Dive Map

Visit North Sulawesi’s Most Famous Dive Sites with the Passport to Paradise

The Passport to Paradise scuba diving package allows you to explore three distinctive dive destinations (Bunaken, Bangka, & Lembeh) in one dive holiday, without missing dive days transferring by car. There is no traffic at sea, no long car rides, and no missed dives or snorkeling opportunities! That’s why our boat transfers between resorts is the perfect way to travel. Let us transfer you between our three resorts on our spacious, purpose-made dive boats, and you can just worry about having a good time relaxing, diving, and snorkeling along the way.

This itinerary allows you to visit and see all of North Sulawesi’s amazing underwater diversity, from pristine walls in Bunaken National Park and viewing a kaleidoscope of reef colors in Bangka to the world’s highest concentration of biodiversity in the Lembeh Strait.

You don’t need to be a diver to enjoy our boat transfers! If you enjoy sailing, swimming, snorkeling, or you just want to pass the time at sea, this is the perfect holiday activity for you!

View our latest video detailing our Passport to Paradise dive package. Detailed footage and pictures shows you what your next dive holiday could be like and what our resorts and distinctive dive destinations are all about.

Sample Passport to Paradise Package

Below is a sample itinerary for a nine-night package diving Bunaken, Manado, Bangka, & Lembeh Strait. You can stay as long as you would like at any or all of the resorts, add dives, land tours, or spend more time relaxing or snorkeling. It’s your dive vacation, it’s entirely up to you!

Day 1

Arrive at Murex Manado. Relax and settle in with something to eat and drink. Check in at our 5-Star PADI dive center and then spend the rest of the day at your leisure, but make time to watch the sun set over the Celebes Sea: It’s spectacular!

Day 2

Bunaken National Park and Manado Bay for a three-tank dive with lunch (snorkeling is available as well). After your return around 3:30pm, relax at the resort and take a dip in our pool, especially designed for course training. See our dive site page for a list of dive sites.

Day 3

Dive Bunaken National Park or take a Minahasa Highland Tour. If you decided to take the tour you should arrive back to Murex in the late afternoon. After a day of touring you must be ready to go for a dive! This is the perfect time to go for a beach shore dive on our House Reef, where you can take our easy-to-follow dive trail and resurface smiling and refreshed.

Day 4

Murex Bangka House ReefBoat transfers to Murex Bangka Resort depart at 8:30am. We will dive at two sites north of the park along the way, off the coast of North Sulawesi. Depending on times and conditions your guide will decide what sites to dive. Tanjung Tarabitan, the northernmost point on Sulawesi, is a spectacular wall dive. Here the currents from the Bangka Strait and the Celebes Sea meet. Lunch will be served on the boat while you are underway to the Resort. When you arrive at Bangka Island our Resort Supervisor will welcome you on the beach and show you to your room so you can settle in. Don’t worry; our staff will take care of your gear! If you’d like, catch the 2:30pm boat dive for your first dive around Bangka. The rest of the day is up to you: join the night dive, snorkel, collect shells on our beach or take a nap.

Day 5

Dive around or near Bangka Island. Our dive boats depart at 8am for a two-tank dive, return to the resort for lunch and a quick nap or work on your underwater photos. Join our 2:30 boat dive or snorkel and charge your batteries for a night dive.

Day 6

Dive or relax at your leisure. Getting hot while sunbathing? Our beautiful coral garden House Reef is just steps away: just suit up and go for a shore dive! We’ve marked the boundaries so you’ll know where you are if you choose to go without a guide.

Day 7

Batu Punteng dive siteBoat transfers to Lembeh Resort depart at 8:00am. Our first dive will be on a pinnacle off the northeast corner of Sulawesi at Batu Punteng. Nutrient rich waters feed the coral gardens, soft corals, sea fans, sponges and hard corals attached to this pinnacle teeming with fish. During your surface interval we will transfer to Lembeh Strait for your second dive. Directly after the second dive, if you are staying at Lembeh Resort, you will be dropped off at the critters@Lembeh dock. Our Critter crew will see to all your gear and the staff at Lembeh Resort will take your personal bags and take care of everything; you just need to worry about getting yourself up to the restaurant for lunch! After lunch, the Resort and Dive Manager will brief you on options available to you. Relax a bit or take a refreshing dip in the pool before the 2:30pm dive. Night dives in Lembeh Strait are usually spectacular, so do them as often as you can.

Day 8

Dive or relax at your leisure and make some time for a massage. If you are an underwater photographer or want to try underwater photography, don’t forget to stop by the Cameras@Lembeh Photo Pros shop. See what the Pro has to say about capturing images in Lembeh Strait, or rent a camera and take some lessons!

Day 9

Dive, eat, dive, eat, relax or work on your underwater photos, dive, snack, dive, eat – you’re in Lembeh! Let’s Keep It Weird! It’s your holiday, it’s entirely up to you.

Day 10

Did you only book the minimum 3 nights? Feel you need more time? We understand; if we have the space, we would love to keep you! Our staff would be happy to help you change your domestic arrangements, if they can. If not, we’ll be sad to see you go but we hope you’ll be back to one or all of our resorts soon! After goodbyes, you’ll take a short boat transfer to shore where a car will be waiting to take you back to the airport.


Note: Boat transfers are dependent on weather and sea conditions. Because of this we will always price your itineraries with overland transfer fees which can be applied to the cost of a boat transfer and diving package if weather conditions permit.

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