Turtle nesting,
Whale watching,
Untouched volcanic coastline

Scuba Diving São Tomé and Príncipe Island

São Tomé

São Tomé is a tropical Island, over the equator line in the Atlantic Ocean. The archipelago offers breathtaking sceneries of waterfalls, sandy beaches, rainforest and extensive cocoa and coffee plantations, combined with a rich and diverse flora and fauna.

Not only for its natural beauty, have São Tomé and Principe been distinguished from other tourist destinations for the smile and the expressive glances of who lives here. Welcome to São Tomé and Príncipe.

Príncipe Island

The Island of Principe is an ecological gem in the Gulf of Guinea with a pristine rainforest, historic plantations and beautiful secluded beaches on an untouched volcanic coastline. The island has a tropical ecosystem with a diverse combination of African cultures and Portuguese tradition in a uniquely unspoilt travel destination.

Discover unique birdlife, view spectacular scenery, sample "home-grown" chocolate, hike through diverse ecosystems, enjoy local festivals or experience extraordinary peace and natural beauty in such a remote part of our world. Spot whales on their migration routes, swim and snorkel in the crystal clear seas and coincide your visit with the turtle-nesting seasons.

About turtles they can be seen in both islands of São Tomé and Principe. The turtle nesting is from December to mid-March, and the hatching from November to mid-January.

The type of turtles that can be seen are the Leatherback, Hawsbill, Loggerhead & Green turtles.

Photo and information courtesy of HBD Principe.