Off the beaten path.

Unique kinds of offers.


A different approach to the normal overcrowded, over loved places. This is for people who have been to Italy before and looking for a more authentic experience.

We take you to off-of-the-beaten track places, to small hidden villages and borghi* where people still carry on ancient tradition, food recipes and timeless life-style practices still unknown to mass tourism.

Yes, because Italy, beyond the well-known destinations, still hides unique and authentic places.

Timeless life-style practices and curious local traditions, tiny hamlets and natural reserves and ancient trails, unique cultural sites and pristine environment are part of authentic moment of ordinary day life that we bring to you thanks to a precious selection of itineraries.

Scheduled departures (7-8days trips), short breaks (3-4days tours) or proposals that can be tailor-made for FITs, groups or solo travelers.

The philosophy is to travel in small groups to live an authentic experience, to enter local communities, to establish a relationship with locals, to try first-hand peculiar experiences, to create positive group feeling and be sustainable and responsible, to optimize visiting and travel times and choose unexpected cozy accommodation for the overnights. A different way of travelling to better capture moments of ordinary everyday life of a land that has always fascinated travelers.

Remote area made accessible for you, with a different story-telling, made with passion and love.

We take you to Italy, where life still flows slowly.

Castello di Mornico