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Diving Cuba - Gardens of the Queen - Cuban Culture

Join Dive Discovery Travel on an educational people-to-people trip to Havana and the Gardens of the Queen. You will exchange ideas about art, music, dance and history with the Cuban people as you journey to cultural and historical venues in and around Havana, many of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You will also interact with the locals as you visit community projects that benefit their neighborhoods.

You will eco-dive at the Gardens of the Queen, where you will meet with marine experts to gain insight into the conservation measures that Cuba is taking to preserve their delicate aquatic ecosystem. The Gardens of the Queen is comprised of a chain of 250 virgin coral and mangrove islands located 60 miles off Cuba’s southern coast. You will be diving from a liveaboard, which we offer several levels of accommodation. You will exchange ideas about the protection of the environment in the Jardines de la Reina, which was declared a Marine Park in 1996. "This area has been preserved for future generations as an intricate network of untouched marine ecosystems that have been regarded by many knowledgeable scientists and organizations as a benchmark of the original status of coral reefs as found by Christopher Columbus in the early years of his discovery."

Sea Legacy and Alucia expedition 2017 Videos:   - Coral Reefs Last Stand, Cuba

We offer scuba diving trips, including shark diving, as well as land only trips to really immerse yourself in the art, music, and culture of Cuba with the Educational People to People legal license.

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