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Dive in Sipadan Island, Borneo and more...
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Dive in Sipadan Island, Borneo and more...

Dive Discovery MalaysiaTurtles...Turtles...Turtles...Diving Malaysia!

Diving Malaysia: Sipadan Island, pioneered by Borneo Divers, is well known as one of the finest land-based dive spots in the world.

Schooling jacks, abundant turtles, sharks and manta, even the occasional whale shark delight divers year after year. Mabul is better known for its outstanding small sea creatures and macro photography opportunities.

Malaysia is a place just on the edge of a 3rd world country. Things actually work well here! The hotels are great, the local tour operators are organized and friendly, the domestic airlines actually fly and if delayed, you still get to where you are intended. This is great news for those of you who are a bit queasy about going to Southeast Asia; this is a great country to start with! Malaysia was colonized by the British way back when, if you remember your history well, you will note that most of the countries they colonized ran rather well!

Malaysia is divided into two geographical areas, the mainland of Peninsular Malaysia just north of Singapore and the Island of Borneo. Borneo contains the states of Sarawak and Sabah as well as the Indonesian state of Kalimantan (see Kalimantan for diving there including Sangalaki and Derawan).

Diving in Malaysia is very diverse, you can still dive some of the worlds FINEST reefs such as Sipadan Island and Derawan Island in Indonesia. These fantastic dive destinations are off the east coast of the Malaysian State of Sabah. You can extend your dive trips or do land only adventures to the Borneo states of Sabah and Sarawak.

Sabah will reward you with anomalies such as Danum Vally, where you may have the opportunity to walk in the rain forest, happen across Orangutans, wild Elephants and very interesting flora and fauna. Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary is near Sandakan, a full day here is well worth the time, and you will interact with many different rehabilitating orangutans of different ages. You can do some other very interesting jungle adventures that take place along the Kinabatagan river. For climbers there is Mt. Kinabalu near Kota Kinabalu.

The state of Sarawak is chock full of local indigenous people living in their long houses and villages. This is the last of the culture you will see here.

The diving Malaysia on the east coast of Borneo is part of the Ring of Fire. This is part Malaysian and part Indonesian waters and offers the new and experienced diver the most diverse species the oceans have to offer. This is a place that should be on the top ten of your dive list! Lots to do for everywhere in Borneo, Malaysia!

Be sure to contact us for any and all information in regards to this astoundingly diverse and exotic dive destination, including our current rates and schedules for diving Malaysia.