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Papua New Guinea is one of the most diverse populations on earth with over 700 different languages spoken in a country with a population of around 5 million people.

The cultural shows and festivals of Papua New Guinea are a way for the proud local people to showcase their traditional customs and beliefs through dance and "sing sings". This also provides a wonderful opportunity for tourists to see the many different cultures of Papua New Guinea all come together in an array of colour and passion.

PNG Festivals in 2024

PNG Highlands West Expedition, 2 -11 Juy 2024 PNG Highlands West Expedition, 2 -11 Juy 2024

Sipuu-waa performance at Simbu Festival

PNG Highlands North Expedition, 12 - 21 September 2024

Nakane Pig Killing Festival

History of Bingla Ingu Festival


One minute tour of Goroka

PNG Cultural Events


Madang Festival - PNG Cultural Event Madang Festival

One of Papua New Guinea’s most visited province prepares for a celebration to showcase its many unique resident cultural groups.


Mask Festival - PNG Cultural Event Mask Festival

A cultural extravaganza set in Kokopo, featuring iconic masks from East New Britain, New Ireland and various parts of Papua New Guinea.


The Sepik River Crocodile Festival - PNG Cultural Event Crocodile Festival

This special festival celebrates one of Papua New Guinea's famous tribal heartlands and the significance of the revered crocodile - a motif throughout Sepik River culture.

Enga Show - PNG Cultural Event Enga Show

The people of Enga will celebrate their cultural show in Wabag. The show is set to rival the other cultural shows in the Highlands region.

Hagen Show - PNG Cultural Event Hagen Show

Held in the Western Highlands township of Mt. Hagen, the Show is expected to be a rousing event.

The Paiya Mini Show - PNG Cultural Event Paiya Mini Show

The Paiya Mini Show is a cultural event staged annually in Paiya Village, Western Highlands Province.


Goroka Show - PNG Cultural Event Goroka Show

The ‘Goroka Show’ is a significant cultural event in the Highlands region of Papua New Guinea (PNG).

The Kalam Cultural Festival - PNG Cultural Event Kalam Cultural Festival

The Kalam Cultural Festival showcases the culture of one of Papua New Guinea's most fascinating ethnic groups - the Simbai people of Madang Province.

Kutubu Kundu Digaso - PNG Cultural Event Kutubu Kundu Digaso

The Kutubu Kundu Digaso festival offers a rare treat of fascinating cultural performances from all over the Southern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea.


Kenu & Kundu Festival - PNG Cultural Event Kenu & Kundu Festival

Stunning traditional canoes and 'kundus' feature prominently in this exciting cultural festival held in Alotau, Milne Bay Province.

FESTIVALS - photos and information courtesy of Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority