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Whales of Baja Expedition

Humpback whales - Grey Whales - Blue Whales

Humpback whale

Season Winter/Spring
Location Various Locations
Dates TBC
Participants 6
Duration 8 days
Experience None

One of the greatest migrations on the planet happens in Baja every winter as thousands of whales migrate to our temperate waters

Many of these whales come to find a mate or to bring new life to our oceans. While there are many species of whales and ocean Mammals that visit Baja on a yearly basis, The humpback whale, the Grey Whale and the Blue whale, are the three largest migrations that visit our waters every year. Baja California is known as one of the best places in the world for whale watching. Our incredible whale watching expedition was created to give you the best opportunity to encounter these whales in a close and personal way.

Each whale species has a different location to spend the winter. The whales have made a significant impact on the culture of each destination we will be visiting.

Los Cabos - Humpback whales

Los cabos is the best place in baja to spot the acrobatic humpback whales. Humpback whales are well known for their breaching and singing, both of these behaviors are thought to be related to their mating rituals. Many of the migrating Humpback whales use the shallow bays off the most southern coast of baja to mate and as well as giving birth. During our whale watching tours it is common to see a variety of amazing humpback behaviours. The whales often breach or slap their fins to call attention, males compete with each other in large groups called heat runs and newborn calves learn the ways of the whales from their mothers. The whales are unique in their communication, not only in their body language but their breathtaking singing. With our hydrophone we will try our luck at listening to their unique and mind blowing whale song.

Bahia Magdalena - Grey Whales

Bahia Magdalena is an incredible bay bursting with life. This magnificent bay is one of the favorite places for the Grey whales to arrive after their epic journey. The grey whales spend the summer feeding preparing to embark on the longest whale migration on the planet, swimming close to 6000miles from arctic waters to the beautiful coast of Baja. The behavior we have witnessed of these grey whales is nothing short of extraordinary as they voluntarily come to the boat and lift their head out of the water to look at you. Making eye contact with any whale is something that will stay with you forever. The bay is often full of whales as far as the eye can see with many curious calves making an appearance.

Grey whale

Loreto - Blue Whales

Loreto National Marine Park is host to the largest animal on the planet, the Blue whale. The Blue whales travel into the sea of Cortez for feeding and reproduction. The blue whale can grow up to 30m in length, as they break the surface of the water they seem never-ending. As we move around in the peaceful waters of Loreto their intense blows, sometimes 5 meters high can be spotted. The blue whales spend a fair amount of time on the surface before lifting their gigantic fluke out of the water and disappearing into the depths.

This is a top side photo safari and we will not be entering the water. However, we will have an opportunity to explore some of the most beautiful areas of Baja in the presence of our favorite Gentle Giants. We may encounter many other species of ocean mammals on our expedition and will always be on the look out for those rare sightings. Some of the other species we may encounter include fin whales, Orcas, and even sperm whales.

Blue whale


Day 1: Meet in Cabo for lunch briefing and sunset whale watching

Day 2: Full day whale watching safari

Day 3: Morning whale watching, transfer to Bahia Magdalena

Day 4: Whale watching in the morning, lunch at sand dunes and mangrove tour

Day 5: Whale watching morning, transfer to Loreto

Day 6: Whale watching full day

Day 7: Whale watching full day

Day 8: Transfer back to Cabo, fun along the way

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