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Mobula Expedition

Marine Safari in search of Mobula Rays in Baja California, Mexico

Mobula Expedition, 6 day trip - Mexico - Dive Discovery

Location: East Cape, BCS
Dates: May 30 - June 4 2023
Number of divers: Max 6
Duration: 6 days
Experience level: Confident swimmer with basic snorkel experience
Surface temperature: Warm during the day, cool at night
Water temperature: Average 74-82°F/ 23-28°C
Visibility: 15 - 80 ft/ 5 - 20 mts

The spectacular coast of Baja California Sur hosts the bi-annual migration of the magnificent Mobula Munkiana.

There are three species of Mobula rays to encounter in the sea of Cortez; Mobula Japanica, Mobula Thurstoni, and the most famous Mobula Munkiana.

Every year thousands of Mobula Munkiana, or Munk’s Rays, congregate and travel along the coast of the Sea of Cortez, sometimes in the thousands. The Mobula are elusive and magnificent creatures, and very little is known about them. In the Sea of Cortez, we have the opportunity to witness one of the largest and most magnificent spectacles the ocean has to offer. The Mobula are seen to fly both in and out of the water. In the water, they glide effortlessly and in unison, often just below the surface. The Mobulas also jump out of the water with an acrobatic might, achieving up to 2 meters of air, flapping their fins before slapping back down on the surface and rejoining their shoal. The summer months is also their mating period and we may be lucky to observe some courting behaviour.

The Mobula Munkiana are some of the most incredible creatures to visit our coast. We work closely with Marta from the Mobula conservation project who is actively researching and protecting this incredible species. On this and all of our expeditions, we are out in the open ocean where anything can happen and we will have the opportunity to encounter other ocean wildlife such as dolphins, whalesharks, whales, sea lions, and even Orcas.

Mobula Munkiana


Day 1: Meeting & Drive to location. Evening meeting for trip info and dinner


Day 6: Goodbye breakfast & transfer back to Airport

The trip includes a workshop/talk by a Mobula specialist scientist and donation made to MOBULA CONSERVATION PROJECT

COST: $2,500 per person

What's included

  • Transportation
  • Breakfast/ lunch
  • Snacks, water, Soft drinks
  • Accommodation 5 night, double occupancy
  • Mexican IVA TAX

What’s NOT included

  • Airfare
  • Dinner
  • Personal expenses
  • Gratuity
  • Items not mentioned

Mobula Munkiana

This is a land based expedition. we will be based in a lovely 3* hotel on the beach and heading out to the ocean early every morning from the boat ramp just a few minutes away.

During this expedition there are two different day options that we will chose depending on the activity of the day. Option one is a full day on the ocean searching for the mobulas as well as any other wildlife we can find. However we may chose option two, which is two outings per day, early morning and late afternoon. The days in Baja during the summer months are long and sometimes the Mobulas are more active during sunrise or sunset. In this case we will either relax at the hotel and also offer other activities such as local nature walks or beach excursions with lunch. However if the action is very good we may use option two; spending a full day of 8 hours on the ocean.

While on the water, we will be actively searching for the large aggregations of Mobula. Once spotted, we will take some time to watch them on the surface and observe the behavior before entering the water. Swimming with mobulas is an unforgettable freediving experience. Depending on the behavior of the shoal we may have to move around to different groups, or we can get lucky and be able to stay with one large group for the duration of the session. The guide will be in charge of how the activity is to be carried out.

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