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8/10 Day Combination Gray Whale and Blue Whale Trips

Blue whales on the Sea of Cortez & gray whales at a Pacific Coast lagoon

Blue Whale in Baja, MexicoGray Whale in Baja, Mexico

What's a Combo trip all about? We have combined what we consider to be the two best whale watching trips anywhere into one exciting adventure package. The gray whale portion of the trip takes place in Laguna Ojo de Liebre or in Magdalena Bay, on the Pacific West Coast of the Baja Peninsula. The Blue whale portion takes place in the Sea of Cortez, offshore of Loreto on the east coast of the peninsula.

Either whale watching trip all by itself is exciting and is guaranteed to give you memories that will be with you for a lifetime. Doing the two together allows you to experience the deep emotions and feeling of connectivity that can only come from getting up close and seeing a 40 foot whale eyeball to eyeball. Then join the Blue whale quest and feel the rush as a huge 80 foot whale surfaces just a few yards off the bow, and the blow drifts across our small 24 foot motorboat.

Although we call it Blue whale watching it is really much more than that. We expect to see both of the two largest whales, the Blue whale and the Finback whale. We also commonly see other species such as Humpback whales, huge pods of up to a thousand dolphin and uncommonly we might see Orcas and even a Bryde's Whale. The Gray whale watching is known for the Friendly Gray Whales who enjoy coming close to the boat. Close enough you will likely have a chance to pet or touch one.

The best whale watching locations in Baja California, Mexico.

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