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Mako and Blue Shark Expedition

Swim with sharks in Baja California, Mexico

Mako and Blue Shark Expedition - Sea of Cortez, Mexico

Season Spring
Location Los Cabos
Dates TBC
Participants 6
Duration 6 days
Experience Basic Snorkling

The southern coast of baja is one of the richest places on earth for marine wildlife and Cabo San Lucas, located at the southernmost tip on the Baja peninsula is one of the best places in the world for pelagic shark encounters

Here, the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez meet, these two powerful and nutrient rich bodies of water clash, making a unique and plentiful marine environment. The bottom topography of the area is very diverse, full of deep cañons, shallow banks and pinnacles. These two factors create the perfect place for pelagic sharks. While there are sharks in the area all year round, the spring is when we have the most Mako and Blue shark sighting.. These are the sharks we will be searching for.

Mako and Blue sharks are two of the most beautiful sharks to see, both are found in tropical - temperate waters worldwide. Blue Sharks are one of the most widely spread shark species in the world, for this reason they are also one of the most fished sharks. They are elegant in their appearance and movements with beautiful blue ventral surfaces and long pectoral fins, and their large expressive eyes are their most charming feature. The Shortfin Mako is a Mackerel shark and is considered endangered in the IUCN RED LIST. It is the fastest shark in the ocean, reaching speed bursts of 80 kph. They have a spectacular torpedo shaped body shimmering in shades of blue and purple with a pointy snout and large dark eyes. Both these sharks are not often encountered by humans and are usually just as curios about us as we are of them. They are a marvelous example of the genius and perfection of evolution and it is an honor to share the water with them.

During this expedition we will be out in the open ocean for about 8 hours, attempting to attract sharks at a different spot each day. While the sharks are plentiful in the area they usually travel at depth, so we use chumming to attract the sharks to the surface for our interaction. We will use environmentally friendly chumming techniques that have been developed for their efficiency and safety around the world. We will be using carcasses of fish caught by local fishermen to chum the water to attract the sharks. Chumming the water creates an oily slick line on the surface that will hopefully entice the sharks to our boat. Once the sharks arrive, our safety guide will analyze their behavior and let us know when it's safe to slide in. Mako and Blue Sharks are solitary animals but during one chumming session we will hopefully encounter multiple sharks. The activity is all on the surface. The engines will be off and we will have a safety line to rest on and a safety diver in the water at all times.

Snorkel with Mako Shark - Sea of Cortez, Mexico

The sharks have distinct personalities and most often come in very close. When they first arrive they can be skittish and a bit imposing, but once they get used to us they are very curious and make for an incredible encounter. Each day will be different, and your shark interaction will undoubtedly be something you will remember forever. Chumming can take some time and it is never a guarantee to see the animals we are looking for. We will be sure to provide you with the best knowledge, techniques and opportunities to have a great encounter.

This is a snorkeling activity and we will be spending all of our time on the surface, however, Free-divers may use their skills to dive down and meet the sharks below.

While out on the open ocean we are likely to encounter other pelagic animals like smooth Hammerheads, silky sharks, Dolphins, Olive Riddley Turtles, Sea lions and whales. If we are very lucky; Orcas. Depending on the day, the animal and their behavior we may be able to jump in with them as well.


Day 1: Meet in Cabo for dinner for trip info

Day 2: Open ocean day: Shark chumming

Day 3: Open ocean day: Shark chumming

Day 4: Open ocean day: Shark chumming

Day 5: Open ocean day. End of Trip and Dinner Celebration

Day 6: Goodbye breakfast & photo sharing drive back to Cabo

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