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Baja, Mexico

Baja Day Tour

Baja California is a fascinating place and an adventurers' dream which offers a vast array of activities, such as, history, art, and culinary pursuits. Baja is a huge peninsula, with six major mountain ranges in total. Nestled in these mountains are many small towns and villages that see very few travelers compared to the coastal communities yet offer so much that is of interest.

While most of the Sea Kayak Adventures activities take place in coastal areas, there are also trips that explore the interior, such as a hiking trip to see the gigantic wall murals with local cowboys and a one day Communities and Mining History tour that explores the mining towns of El Triumfo and San Antonio, located near La Paz.

These tours may be added on as an extension to the marine-focused Baja sea kayaking trips and Baja whale-watching tours also listed on the Mexico dive tours web page. Below are the standard one-day incredible Baja tour options.

Loreto Day Tour Options

  • San Javier Mission Day Tour  Download Itinerary

    A fascinating day tour to the old mission of San Javier, and the small village of 130 people where it is located. Explore the countryside and the town, while visiting with the locals, including local artists.
    San Javier

  • Isla Coronado Skiff and Snorkeling Day Tour  Download Itinerary

    Isla Coronado (Coronado Island) has gorgeous white sand beaches, sea lion colonies, and fabulous snorkeling. Spend the day snorkeling with colorful fish, enjoy a picnic lunch on the beach, and take a nature hike with your bilingual guide. This is an ideal way to see the third island in the Loreto Bay National Marine Park!
    Isla Coronado

  • Blue and Fin Whale Watching Day Tour  Download Itinerary

    This is an exciting day tour in the Sea of Cortez spent looking for blue and fin whales in the waters of Loreto Bay National Marine Park/UNESCO World Heritage site. While whale sightings are not guaranteed, this is one of the few places on Earth to see these deep-ocean creatures with consistency. Usually, late January to early March is the best time to see these whales near Loreto.
    Blue Whale

  • 1-2 Day Whale Watching Tours, Magdalena Bay  Download Itinerary

    For a quick whale watching experience, we offer a full-day tour or a 2-day/1-night visit to a whale camp. On the full-day tour you have one 2-hour whale watching session. On the 2-day tour, there are 2 sessions. The camp is located on a barrier island with the Pacific coast on the west side and Magdalena Bay on the east. This is the best situated whale camp in all of Baja; you can watch the whales swim by from your walk-in tent!
    Whale Watching Tours, Magdalena Bay

LaPaz Day Tour Options

  • Whale Shark Snorkel  Download Itinerary

    Spend an exciting day snorkeling with whale sharks in Mexico’s Bay of La Paz. Set off in a skiff until a whale shark is spotted and then hop into the water to swim alongside and observe the largest fish in the sea, beside dolphins and tropical fish on an incredible underwater excursion.
    Whale shark

  • Mining History and Village Life of Baja Day Tour  Download Itinerary

    Visit the mining towns of El Triunfo and San Antonio. These towns were established in the 1750’s. Copper, silver and gold were the target metals and as the mines grew, so did the population. El Triunfo was at one point, Baja’s largest city, with around 10,000 people. Today some 300 people live in the town which is encircled by the remains of the mining buildings and infrastructure.
    El Triunfo

  • 2+ Day Magdalena Bay Whale Watching

    For those who have the time to spare, the best gray whale tour in Baja is the 3 or 4-day Magdalena Bay whale watching tour. Each day motorized skiffs take you to the deeper waters of Magdalena Bay, where whales swim up to the skiffs to say hello. You can watch the whales and their newly born calves up close and personal.

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