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5 Day San Ignacio Whale Watching

Legendary San Ignacio Lagoon in Baja is one of our two locations for one of life’s most soul-stirring experiences. For reasons that no one understands, a select number of Pacific gray whales enjoy contact with people, and on these whale-watching tours you will get up close and personal with these gigantic animals.

San Ignacio whale watching is not to be missed and our camp, set on the edge of the water, is an ideal base of exploration. We head out twice each day to observe, discuss and get close to these gentle creatures that dwarf the motor skiffs (pangas) aboard which we travel. After each excursion we return to our camp to relax, enjoy a meal and after dinner, watch the sunset over this large Pacific lagoon. Our camp has a large dining dome and comfortable stand-up tents with cots.

San Ignacio Lagoon is one of our sheltered lagoons that are connected to the migratory path of the gray whales as they travel the Pacific Coast of North America from Alaska to Mexico, where they arrive every December and January to calve. Thousands of these awe-inspiring animals arrive each winter to bear their young, after having traveled over 5000 miles from the north.

For the past several decades, these gray whale birthing lagoons in Baja California have enjoyed strict Federal protection. Permits for the whale watching boats are limited and closely monitored. A lagoon guard notes exactly what time any boat enters the whale watching area and assures that each boat spend no more than the two hour limit. From the stable and comfortable skiffs, you watch the whales and their young calves (which may vary from a month to a couple of months old). There is also fascinating adult behavior to observe as well such as breaching, fluking and spy-hopping. It is not uncommon for a mother whale and her calf to approach our motor skiffs close enough that we are able to lean out and touch them. The key here is that the whales approach us and not vice versa. No one knows for sure why they exhibit this behavior, but looking into the eye of a whale is a very powerful experience. While the whales don’t always swim close enough to be touched, it is not uncommon and at the very least, you will be within 15-20’ of these athletic whales.

SEASON: March - April
DATES IN 2019:

Mar 21 - Mar 25, Mar 28 - Apr 01,

Apr 04 - 08, Apr 11 - Apr 15, Apr 18 - Apr 22

RATES IN 2019: $1,490 per adult, $1,490 per child
ACTIVITIES: Whale Watching
Family Focus
MINIMUM AGE: 8 years
TRIP BEGINS/ENDS: Loreto, Baja California /
Loreto, Baja California
ITINERARY: Download itinerary [pdf]

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