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Antarctic Peninsula Basecamp, On board the M/V Plancius
March 3-14 2015 Trip Report

Escorted by: Cindi LaRaia

Page Twelve

Day 12 – Saturday 14th March 2015
Disembarkation in Ushuaia

GPS 08.00 Position: 054°48’S / 068°18’W

Today is disembarkation day in Ushuaia. Coming alongside, we were boarded by the Argentine officials who cleared our vessel. On the pier we bade farewell to many of the friends we have come to know over the past 12 days, and had one last look at the Plancius, the ship that took us on such an incredible voyage to Antarctica. This trip will last us a lifetime – in our memories, our imaginations, and in our dreams.

--- The End ---

Total distance sailed on our voyage: 1654 Nautical Miles / 3063 Kilometres

Antarctic Peninsula Basecamp, On board the M/V Plancius, March 3-14 2015 Trip Report - Page Four

The Expedition Team

Back row Left to Right
Peter Webster, Henrik Enkell, Markus Amon, André Fahrni, Paul Donovan, Doc René van Tol Ali Liddle, Kelvin Murray, Lori Gross

Front row Left to Right
2/O Anika Albrecht, Oliver Vogler, Wilson Cheung, Erin McFadden

Thank you crew of Plancius, all the amazing fun adorable penguins, the Universe for blessing us with upclose whales next to our zodiac and my long awaited ORCA’S!!!!!

We all had the time of our life for sure!
Ciao until next time!

Cindi LaRaia
Dive & Africa Discovery travel

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