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Fakarava Groupers' Spawning, July 5-11 2025

6 nights with 4 days of diving with the Groupers

Spend 5 nights at Pearl Havaiki Lodge in North Fakarava

Fakarava Groupers' Spawning

In French Polynesia, thousands of camouflage groupers, also known as marbled groupers, spawn in the Fakarava atoll every year between June and July. The spawning takes place in the Fakarava South Pass (Tetamanu Pass), a 35-mile-long rectangle of coral in a narrow channel at the south end of Fakarava Atoll.

In 2025, we’re lucky to witness the groupers’ spawning twice in June AND in July since there will be consecutive full moons.

We are holding 2 rooms in North Fakarava July 5-11 2024 for 6nts, with 4 days of diving with the Groupers. Staying at Pearl Havaiki, you will take a 1hr 15 minute boatride to the South Pass.

These trips sell out way in advance. Book now if you are interested in this amazing photography experience! We can also offer diving in Rangiroa to experience the best of diving in the Tuamotu’s in French Polynesia!

Fakarava Groupers


Day 1

Meet & Greet with flower lei and oshibori.

Overnight at Hotel Kon Tiki Tahiti.

Day 2

One way Tahiti/Fakarava
23kg luggage allowance per person and 5kg in cabin per person (except infant).

Overnight at Pearl Havaiki Lodge.

Pearl Havaiki Lodge

The pearl Havaiki Lodge is located northeast of Fakarava, not far from the North Ngarue pass. Nestled in the oldest pearl farm on the atoll, it promises a stay full of calm and serenity. Joachim, pioneer of the black pearl, shares his passion and his daily life with visitors.

Pearl Havaiki Lodge

Day 3-6

8 dives per person with O2 Fakarava.
Extra South Pass Day x 3 days.
The extra South Pass Day included two dives and a lunch on-site.

Overnight at Pearl Havaiki Lodge.

Day 7

One way Fakarava/Tahiti by Air Tahiti.
23kg luggage allowance per person and 5kg in cabin per person (except infant).

*** End of the trip ***

COST: $3,920 per person twin share
* based on current rate of exchange, subject to change.

Fakarava Groupers' Spawning with a diver

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