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Ninamu Resort


Snorkelling - Ninamu Resort, Tikehau, Tahiti

Close to the Tikehau airport sits a private islet where "the Motu Ninamu" awaits international visitors. Nestled between the lagoon and the ocean, the deluxe guest house is proud to greet you in one of its 8 local Fare entirely made of natural materials (coral walls & coconut palm roofs), offering visitors comfort & intimacy in a natural environment. Motu Ninamu (named after the color of the surrounding lagoon) is the perfect place of vacancy for wildlife lovers wishing to spend some relaxing & serein moments surrounded by Mother Nature. Nautical devotees such as surfers, divers, kite surfers and fishermen will find real pleasure in spending time with Chris (property-owner & billabong pro operation staff) and his team who will be guiding them throughout the best parts of the Tikehau Lagoon.

Every evening, guests are then welcome to join a warm and friendly ambiance within the comfy lounge/bar waiting for dinner. Supper is mainly composed of lagoon or deep sea fish, freshly caught, and always served by Greta (Chris's spouse) and her team. The Motu Ninamu mainly runs with solar energy, which is the key element to Eco-lodge visitors.


Ninamu Resort features eight hand crafted bungalows, with a total of ten rooms. Each bungalow is built with natural, locally sourced materials. Every bungalow is unique in design and character, and can accommodate different guests needs; from large families and groups of friends, couples, and solo travelers.

Two story waterfront superior bungalow, sleeps up to four guests.

Oaha - Ninamu Resort, TikehauLivingroom - Oaha - Ninamu Resort
Bedroom - Oaha - Ninamu ResortBedroom - Oaha - Ninamu Resort

Miki Miki
Two story waterfront superior bungalow, sleeps up to two guests.

Miki Miki - Ninamu Resort, TikehauLiving area - Miki Miki - Ninamu Resort
Bedroom - Miki Miki - Ninamu Resort, TikehauBathroom - Miki Miki - Ninamu Resort

Two story waterfront superior bungalow, sleeps up to four guests.

Living area - Kaveka - Ninamu Resort, TikehauBedroom - Kaveka - Ninamu Resort, Tikehau
Bedroom - Kaveka - Ninamu Resort, TikehauBathroom - Kaveka - Ninamu Resort, Tikehau

Two story waterfront superior bungalow, sleeps up to four guests.

Kahaia - Ninamu Resort, TikehauBedroom - Kahaia - Ninamu Resort
Bedroom - Kahaia - Ninamu Resort, TikehauBathroom - Kahaia - Ninamu Resort

Three story garden superior bungalow, sleeps up to six guests.

Tamanu - Ninamu Resort, TikehauLiving area - Tamanu - Ninamu Resort
Bedroom - Tamanu - Ninamu Resort, TikehauBathroom - Tamanu - Ninamu Resort

Varo & Kaveu
Single level garden standard bungalows, each sleeps up to two guests.

Varo - Ninamu Resort, TikehauVaro - Ninamu Resort, Tikehau
Kaveu - Ninamu Resort, Tikehau Kaveu - Ninamu Resort, Tikehau

Vini Vini
Air conditioned garden deluxe bungalows, sleeps up to two guests each.

Vini Vini - Ninamu Resort, TikehauLiving area - Vini Vini - Ninamu Resort, Tikehau
Bedroom - Vini Vini - Ninamu Resort, TikehauBathroom - Vini Vini - Ninamu Resort, Tikehau

Luxury waterfront grand deluxe bungalow, sleeps up to two guests.

Teahupoo - Ninamu Resort, Tikehau
Sundeck - Teahupoo - Ninamu Resort, TikehauOutdoor living area - Teahupoo - Ninamu Resort, Tikehau
Living area - Teahupoo - Ninamu Resort, TikehauBathroom - Teahupoo - Ninamu Resort, Tikehau

Diving and Snorkelling

For seasoned vets and first timers alike, Ninamu Resort offers unparalleled snorkeling experiences. Your first peek under water at Ninamu Resort is an unforgettable experience. The clarity of of the water, and the unimaginable abundance of life is almost unbelievable. The Tuamotu atolls are world renowned for their undersea life. On a visit in 1987, Jacques Cousteau’s research group made a study of Tikehau’s lagoon and discovered that it contains a greater variety of fish species than any other place in French Polynesia.

Huge schools colorful of fish, and intricately sculpted coral heads wait for you just off our beach. Swimming with manta rays, sea turtles, and even dolphins are just a short boat ride away.

SCUBA diving in Tikehau is world class. While Ninamu Resort does not offer SCUBA services, guests can book with Tikehau Diving. Tikehau Diving picks up guests directly from Ninamu Resort and ferries to the various dive sites around the atoll.

Snorkelling - Ninamu Resort, Tikehau, Tahiti