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Tahiti Diving and Dive Sites

Tropical Reef And Wreck Diving

Tahiti Diving and Dive Sites

Tahiti offers you your first introduction into the rich, tropical waters of French Polynesia. The incredible biodiversity of the dive sites showcase the rich flora and fauna, from colourful nudibranches to Lemon sharks. Tahiti is also the ideal island to learn scuba diving with some perfect dive sites in the lagoon like "the aquarium" or "the wrecks".

Tahiti Dive sites

The Arue faults

Located on the east coast of Tahiti, the dive site is a beautiful undersea cave at the depth of around 100 feet home to a army of soldierfish. A wall starts at around 15 feet where reef fish, crayfish. Considered as one of the more attractive dives on the east coast of the island.

The Spring

Named after a spring of fresh water emerging from the depths of the ocean. The source emerges from 15 - 20 feet below the surface. It is easily visible through the column of bubbles of water that escapes. It is quite possible to encounter sharks or at night, napoleon fish.

From both sides of the spring range are beautiful valleys that are parallel to the coast. These valleys are rich in marine life. Many turtles come and << play >> with the divers.

The White Valley

An exceptionally beautiful dive for its marine fauna. Blacktip sharks, Lemon sharks and Grey sharks. Schools of silver jackfish, triggerfish and a myriad fish species abound. Highly recommended for a drift dive.

Whale and Dolphin watching

Tahiti plays hosts to yearly whale migration. Humpback whales come yearly from July - October to mate or give birth before returning to the South pole. In the comfort of our covered boats and in the hands of experienced diving instructors onboard, we offer the best conditions for a safe approach with a deep respect for the animals. Dolphins, however, can be seen all year round.

Tahiti Diving

Tahiti Island Dive Resorts

The selected dive resorts in Tahiti Island are represented here.

InterContinental Tahiti Resort, Tahiti - Tahiti Dive Resorts  - Dive Discovery Tahiti InterContinental Tahiti Resort
Le Meridien Tahiti Hotel, Tahiti - Tahiti Dive Resorts  - Dive Discovery Tahiti Le Meridien Tahiti
Manava Suite Resort, Tahiti - Tahiti Dive Resorts  - Dive Discovery Tahiti Manava Suite Resort
Radisson Plaza Resort Tahiti, Tahiti - Tahiti Dive Resorts  - Dive Discovery Tahiti Radisson Plaza Resort Tahiti
Hotel Tahiti Nui, Tahiti - Tahiti Dive Resorts  - Dive Discovery Tahiti Hotel Tahiti Nui

TOPDIVE Tahiti - Dive Center

TOPDIVE Tahiti dive center is ideally situated in the heart of the Intercontinental Tahiti Resort. It promises easy access to 12 superb dive sites located on the west and east coasts of the island. The TOPDIVE Tahiti dive center is an activities center where you can also avail of helmet diving, jet ski guided tours, snorkeling, Rhino rentals and sunset cruises.

Superior service

  • Open 7 days a week, all year round
  • Diveshop for purchase of equipment and merchandise
  • Latest Aqualung brand gear used for all dives
  • Dive boats: customize aluminium hulled dive boats fit for diving comfort and safety
  • Multi-lingual staff with instructors and dive masters versed in English, French, Japanese, and Spanish.


  • 5 Star PADI dive facility
  • Professionally trained divemasters, instructors (PADI, ANMP, FFESSM, CMAS)
  • Free Nitrox - enriched air tanks
  • Dive gauges with integrated computers

Dive schedule

  • 8:00am - Fun dive
  • 10:30am - Fun dive
  • 2:00pm - Introductory and certification dive

TOPDIVE - Tahiti Diving