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Le Manotel


Le Manotel - Rurutu - Tahiti Resort

For you is born an authentic and wild dream: Le Manotel.

A small and charming hotel located on the seafront in Rurutu, French Polynesia ...

You will love our Polynesian hospitality crowned with flowers, our accommodation in individual quality bungalows (daily housekeeping), our botanical garden which has earned us to be ranked three "Tiare".


The pension is located on the east coast, 3 km south of the main village of Moerai in Rurutu. It is bordered on the ocean side by a long white sand beach, and on the mountain side by a cliff of fossil coral, the "makatea".

Built in the heart of a veritable botanical garden, the Manotel consists of 6 bungalows that can accommodate one to three people.

They are furnished with a large double bed and on request, a bed of one person and even mattress of supplements for small children, and a brewer of air.

Each bungalow has its bathroom with solar hot water (attention to water consumption), and a terrace with a small outdoor lounge.

Bungalow - Le Manotel - Rurutu - Tahiti ResortBungalow - Le Manotel - Rurutu - Tahiti Resort

Linen is provided, and housekeeping is daily. Attention to the towels reserved for the bungalows, not for the beach or for the whale exits.

The site is of an absolute calm, even no cocks, for those who know Polynesia. Only the sound of the ocean will rock you in the evening.

Wifi is free, no code, but watch out for the bitrate that can be very low, correct for messaging but not for downloading or even watching movies.

On the sea side, we have a small shaded site with tables for reading or relaxing. But if the island is surrounded by white sandy beaches, its geology, the lagoons are very small and the bathing places are restricted.

Bungalow - Le Manotel - Rurutu - Tahiti ResortBungalow - Le Manotel - Rurutu - Tahiti Resort


The 4x4 safari around the island remains our main activity. If the tour is only 31 km, the island is very steep, genuine roller coaster, and the whole road is not yet concreted. The total absence of signage makes things difficult, so it is recommended to make a first guided tour to find out. Otherwise, the service station of the village of Moerai offers rental, tourism and 4x4 vehicles.

The lost trail: Reti, a hiking guide, holder of a Polynesian patent, proposes ½ day or day excursions. The lost trail is a must. 120 000 years ago, the interglacial period, the ocean hollows out a cliff-side notch, ten meters above the current level of the sea. An exceptional rise in time until the "monster's mouth", good Fitness and no dizziness !!! But the island is also furrowed with interior tracks which allow to discover it to the peaks. An island of human dimensions, with a peak at 389 meters, allowing everyone to walk there.

Horseback riding: Viriamu offers horseback riding. From Vitaria, the circuit climbs to the foot of the summits with stunning panoramas. The hike lasts one morning. The small horses are very calm and equipped with real saddles.

Deep sea fishing, trolling or jigging, Tevai and Mike offer fishing trips for those who love marine-thrilled sensations.

Whale watching, from July to October, is the flagship activity that attracts tourists from around the world. Two providers propose the activity:

- Tareparepa whales, with Nahuma, the owner, Raymond the captain, and Hervé, the aquatic guide is the first local provider to offer this activity to tourists.

- Toatai whales, with local fishermen and Tevai, the aquatic guide, offers today the same benefits.

The absence of lagoon, the exceptional clarity of the water (in the opinion of professionals underwater image , in the Mediterranean, 5 meters horizontal visibility, Rurutu 50 meters visibility).

Whale - Rurutu - Tahiti Resort