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Flying Great White Sharks

Seal Island - False Bay, Cape Town, South Africa

Flying Great White Sharks, Seal Island - South Africa Diving - Dive Discovery South Africa

From Cindi:

The current situation for visitors to South Africa- False Bay, breaching Great White Sharks: “We are not seeing reliable great white sharks for a couple years now since the Orca’s came in. We are hoping soon this situation will change and they will come back to Seal Rock where they breach so tourists can once again enjoy these amazing encounters!”

Great White Shark Cage Diving, South Australia »

Seal Island, False Bay is unquestionably one of the world's famous great natural history locations and the first choice for any serious shark enthusiast wanting more than just an adrenalin rush.

It is the only place on earth where on many days you will have the chance to see multiple predatory events (hunting behaviour). Witnessing a one ton shark flying out of the water in pursuit of an agile and formidable prey, the Cape Fur seal is truly a spectacle to behold.

Twenty five minutes boat ride from Simon's Town, Seal Island is a vibrant breeding colony and home to 64 000 Cape Fur seals as well as various sea birds including Cape & Bank Comorant and Jackass Penguins.

Having witnessed more than 6000 predatory events in the last 16 years at the island, we have a considerable respect and field knowledge for both predator and prey. Our emphasis is to make sure we do our best to put the wildlife first and whilst you will be close enough to get a great viewing opportunity we will not push the limits to interfere with the event.

Whilst the primary emphasis is on natural predation and breaching you will also have the opportunity to do a cage dive should conditions.

Flying Great White Sharks, Seal Island - South Africa Diving - Dive Discovery South Africa

Great White Shark Trip - 5 to 10 day Packages

If you are a serious shark lover and it is a life's dream to experience the great white shark the best way to do this is to book a longer stay.

Not only will this allow for bad weather but it will also give you the most opportunities to see all the different shark behaviour.

Flying Great White Sharks, Seal Island - South Africa Diving - Dive Discovery South AfricaWhat is also fantastic is that after a number of trips you will start to recognize the individual sharks and get to know each shark's different character, a special feeling that one can't quite explain!

The high season for great white sharks at Seal Island, False Bay is from June thru September. We tailor packages to suit your requirements and these packages can be taken from February to September.

Our trips are limited to 12 people only with 60% of all trips being hosted by world renowned Chris & Monique Fallows who offer an intimate and educational encounter.

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