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Shark Diving Malpelo Island

Isla Malpelo, Columbia

Shark Diving Malpelo Island, Columbia
Photo courtesy of Coiba Dive Expeditions

The Mount Everest of Sharks, Malpelo is the Island of Sharks!

Beside Isla Coco, there is no other place in the world where you can encounter such huge Schools of Hammerhead- and schooling Silkie Sharks!

Malpelo Island is home to a large variety and quantity of marine creatures. Of special interest is the hammerhead shark with its awe-inspiring schools, reaching up to 300 hundred individuals. The enormous congregations of Silky Sharks who often mix with Hammerheads to form colossal Shark Schools and the huge number of cluster and free swimming Moray Eels are the two most outstanding phenomena in Malpelo.

Other common sights are the White Tip Shark, Galapagos Shark, giant schools of Angel Fish, Creole fish, Jacks, Tuna, and occasionally a Sail Fish, Whale Shark and even Humpback Whales and Blue Whale

Malpelo Island is a sinister and forbidding rock formation that plunges into the abysmal depths of the Pacific Ocean. This is a wild and spectacular marine environment that is renowned for its abundance and quantity of schooling of sharks and big marine animals.

Expedition Dates in 2013, 2014
Onboard MV Yemaya, depart from Panama to Malpelo - 11 Day Trips

Rates from USD 4000.00 per person on up


March 5th to 15th

April 3th to13th

April 15th to24th (10 days, $3,700 USD)

August 2nd to 12th

August 13th to 22nd (10 days, $3,700 USD)

September 29th to October 8th (10 days, $3,700 USD)

November 21st to 30th (10 days, $3,700 USD)

December 1st to 11th


January 2nd to 11th (10 days, $3,700 USD)

January 23rd to February 1st

February 9th to 19th

February 21th to March 2nd (10 days, $3,700 USD)

March 5th to 14th (10 days, $3,700 USD)

July 18th to July 27th (10 days, $3,700 USD)

July 28th to August 7th

August 18th to 28th

August 28th to September 7th

November 17th to 26th (10 days, $3,700 USD)

November 27th to December 6th (10 days, $3,700 USD)

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