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Damai 2 Liveaboard Scuba Diving (all Raja Ampat),
May 21-30 2023 Group Trip

Escorted by: Cindi LaRaia

Raja Ampat underwater photo by Rockford Draper

Master cabins $6,650 per person
Standard Twin/double share cabins $6,150 per person ON SALE!!! NOW $6,075 per person
Singe cabins $7,950 per person

Plus fully inclusive costs for Harbour, Port fees, dive gear, nitrox, massage and laundry: $370 per person
*park fee paid on board: $100 for Raja Ampat tag


Day 1 - Arrival into Sorong
Guests will arrive in Sorong and have time to get comfortable on the boat. Damai will travel west into Raja Ampat for a check out dive.

Day 2 - Kri and Dampier Straits
At the eastern end of the famous Dampier Strait there are many signature dive sites. Cape Kri is a sloping reef on the eastern end on the island of Kri; Blue Magic and Sardine reef are seamounts covered in schooling fish and cruising sharks and rays; Mioskon is a great spot for the endemic Wobbegong shark and Pontohi pygmy seahorses.

Day 3 - Manta Sandy and Arborek
Manta Sandy is a signature site for experiencing the grace of Reef Mantas. They are frequent visitors to the cleaning stations dotted along this sandy channel. Feel free to explore the sand for small critters while you are waiting for an appearance.

Arborek Jetty is part of a sloping reef in front of the island. There are schools of fish, excellent wide angle photo opportunities under the jetty itself and good critter hunting to be done along the slopes.

In the late afternoon take a stroll around the village on the island and maybe join in one of their soccer matches or buy a locally made sunhat.

Day 4 - Gam
The variety of diving in Gam is exceptional. The signature sites include the exciting seamount Mayhem; the beautiful orange and yellow softcorals at Citrus Ridge; and Mangrove Ridge in the channel between Gam and Yangeffo with its pristine hard corals.

Manta at Magic Mountain
Manta at Magic Mountain

Day 5 - Kawe and Aljui Bay
The current rich rocks off the west and south coasts of Kawe is another opportunity to see Reef Mantas and schooling fish interspersed with excellent macro opportunities. For the afternoon a calmer experience is found in Aljui Bay concentrating on macro and cool critters. Some of the signature sites in the bay include the Channel Island, White Arrow and Teardrop Wall. These are great places to see pygmy seahorses, unusual nudis and ghost pipefish. Then spend some time on the mucky sand under Cendana Dock for an amazing night dive.

With permission you will be able to visit the pearl farm in the bay. Not only is this a very educational tour explaining the production of high quality pearls, you can also go shopping afterwards.

Day 6 - Penemu
The signature sites in Penemu are Barracuda Point; a seamount on the north point; Melissa’s Garden; a beautiful example of a hard coral plateau and Keruo Channel; drift along this colourful slope watching the seascape go by.

The highlight of Penemu is a lagoon tour in the tenderboats amongst these turquoise waters and limestone bays. For the energetic there is a short walk to the top of one the hills to be rewarded with an amazing view over the lagoon with Damai moored in the distance.

Day 7 - Wayilbatan
The Four Kings is a series of colourful underwater pinnacles which make an amazing dive with plenty of cool fish action. Moving later to a more sheltered spot we are in the vicinity of some great dive spots: drift along the channel at Neptune Fan Sea; explore wall at Wedding Cake or enjoy the fish action on the ridge at Barracuda Rock.

Raja Ampat underwater photo by Rockford Draper

Day 8 - Boo and Fiabacet
This amazing string of small islands has a colorful array of great dives sites. The signature sites in the area include Boo Windows, Nudi Rock, Tank Rock and Whale Rock. The whole place is a delight for the eyes.

Day 9 - Farondi and Balbulol
No Contest and Love Potion No 9 at Balbulol is a series of colourful underwater ridges with huge seafans and schooling fish and the chance of seeing Mobula Rays. In the afternoon head west to Farondi and visit the underwater caves at Goa Farondi and the current rich Three Sisters teeming with life. There is another opportunity for a boat tour around the lagoon.

Day 10 - Batanta
Finish the trip with some great muck diving on the slope at Algae Patch. Hunt for some cool nudibranch, check out the ornate ghost pipefish hanging in the crinoids and marvel at the camouflage of the frogfish you just swam over.

Day 11 - Departure
Guests will be escorted to the airport in Sorong and assisted with check in procedures, no doubt full of talk about the wonders of the most popular dive destination in the world.

*** Itinerary is subject to weather and subject to change at the discretion of the Captain. ***

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