Why book with Dive Discovery when there other choices in dive travel companies to choose from?

Why book your trip with ME, a travel agent!

Some of you have asked me this question in the early (or later) stages of booking your trip, Scuba diving, Africa Safaris or Activity Adventures. ‘Cindi, I am unclear on how all this works. How do you make money? Will this trip cost me more if I book it through you?’


Ahhhh thank YOU for those who have the courage and kindness to ASK! Let’s explore this aspect of the business many of you have questions on! Many of my long time clients/friends/ guests/travel companions have asked me this and now ‘get it’!


The TRIPS cost the same! THERE is NO more cost added on to you if we make the booking. We make commission from our suppliers! We market and spend a lot of money & time on our websites, trade shows and time talking and emailing to our guests all the info and details needed.


Great white cage diving - GuadalupeGuadalupeDetails take a lot of time! We offer all the different options. We offer years of accumulated knowledge being in the field and exploring first hand, all the live aboard dive boats, resorts, knowledge of flights and safari camps and the best OPERATORS in the field! No matter where you go or what you want to do!

My knowledge is vast and varied, years of designing travel, experiences and data all stored in our brains!
We look after you from A to Z. We check up on you when you are away to be sure all is going ok and you are having fun! If a problem or canceled flight arises while you are traveling or in-route a simple email or phone call and we are ON it!

No one else cares about you with all aspects of your holiday! Meet and greeted upon arriving after that long haul flight, transfer to hotel or boat, or safari or adventure camp. Logistics are what we DO!

If you come to us and give us an idea of what you want to do, I use my vast experience to tailor fit a package for you. I’ve been to all the properties and I know how to fit a vacation to the needs and desires to each of you.


This is what we do as your travel planner!!! We look after you! If you are unhappy, we work with our suppliers to make amends. If you miss a flight, we are there to help with re-planning if needed and organizing to get you to your destination.

IF YOU GET SICK – we help to get you home. WE strive to make your long awaited trip, worry free and offer the BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!

YOU actually get far more for YOUR BUCK – it does NOT cost you any more to have us planning/booking your trip! We are able to offer all the same specials and sales the outfitter is offering!!

WE care about YOU! WE take care of ALL issues! WE PROBLEM SOLVE!
We are there for YOU!
Does that answer your questions? ;-)

IF not please send me an email or call and let me answer your questions!
Thanks for reading this!

Cindi LaRaia
Dive & Africa Discovery Travel

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