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Brazil: North Pantanal, August 1-10 2024 Group Trip

Escorted by: Cindi LaRaia

Brazil: North Pantanal, August 1-10 2024 Group Trip

Join Cindi as we embark on a new adventure with our professional photographer guide who is local and works with all the pro’s in the field and keen photographers alike!

We will venture into the wilds of Brazil; an area called the Pantanal to view and photograph the elusive wild Jaguar! Why here? You stand a better chance of seeing them here than pretty much anywhere else in the world. The northern Pantanal has the highest concentration of jaguars in the world, and their natural terrain is the vegetation lining the Cuiabá riverbanks. We will travel to 3 different areas, for different wildlife!

Jaguar in northern Pantanal

This is not to be missed! Unique wildlife encounters include:
Jaguar, ocelot, Brazilian tapir, playful families of giant otters, green iguanas, plentiful yacare caimans, Capybara, black & gold howler monkeys and an astonishing variety of exotic birds such as Hyacinth Macaw, Toco Toucan, South American Coati, Greater Rhea, Jabiru stork and more, also possible giant anteaters.

Black and Gold Howler Monkey
Crocodile - Pantanal, Brazil

For a group of 03 participants in shared (double) rooms: $10,963 per person
For a group of 04 or 05 participants in shared (double) rooms: $9,192 per person
For a group of 06 or 07 participants in shared (double) rooms: $7,775 per person
* Supplement for single (individual) room: per person $1,155


Day 1

Private land transfer from Cuiaba Airport to Pouso Alegre Lodge (approximately 4 hours travel time); here we look for other species like Brazillian Tapir, Hyachinth macaw, south american Coati, Greater Rhea and others. Sometimes Giant Ant Eaters our found here. Great birding. Afternoon private activity at Pouso Alegre (depending on time of arrival).

Dinner and overnight at Pouso Alegre.

Hyacinth Macaw - Pantanal, Brazil

Day 2

Private activities, meals and overnight at Pouso Alegre Lodge.

Day 3

Breakfast and check out from Pouso Alegre Lodge.

Early departure on private vehicle from Pouso Alegre Lodge to Porto Jofre through the Transpantaneira Road. This drive takes between 3-4 hours without stops, but we should consider more time for clients to take photos along the way.

Arrival at Porto Jofre and private boat ride through the Cuiaba River to Recanto do Jaguar (approximately 1h30 travel time - again, we may already see a jaguar or other wildlife on this ride, so it may take longer).

In the afternoon we may have a first private boat ride to look for jaguars and other wildlife on the rivers and channels (depending on time of arrival).

Meals and overnight at Recanto do Jaguar. It is very simple & basic not fancy, guests who have stayed here 2 times and love it! Great service, Great boat guides, Great food, great vibe, in a great location for Jaguars. Not in the super busy area, so more calm and quiet. Great chances to see Jaguars very soon near this location! We will have 4 + full days with Jaguars!

boat ride through the Cuiaba River to Recanto do Jaguar

Day 4 - 7

4 full days on private boat searching for jaguars and other wildlife along the rivers and channels (program includes two private boat rides per day, returning to the lodge for lunch at the hottest hours of day).

Meals and overnights at Recanto do Jaguar.

Jaguar biting crocodile
Giant otter

Day 8

Breakfast and check out from Recanto do Jaguar.

Start heading back to Aymara Lodge through the Cuiaba River and Transpantaneira Road (boat + drive as in Day 3).

Afternoon private activity at Aymara Lodge (depending on time of arrival).

Meals and overnight at Aymara Lodge.

This area and lodge offer more wildlife to see, inside a forested area for lots of birds around, blue macaws and a family of howler monkeys.

Toco Toucan - Pantanal, Brazil

Day 9

Full day of private activities at Aymara Lodge.

Meals and overnight at Aymara Lodge.

Day 10

Breakfast and check out from Aymara Lodge.

Private land transfer back to Cuiaba Airport depending on flight schedule (this drive takes between 2h30 and 3h00).

Coming Up Part II

Pantanal, Brazil, North to South, Part 2, Transpantaneira Rd. and 2 lodges along the way

Part 2 of our Pantanal adventure includes the Transpantaneira Rd back from Jaguar Land towards Cuiaba with stays at Aymara and Piuval lodges. Great wildlife and amazing scenery made this portion of the dream well worth the extra days it took before we eventually head to the South Pantanal.


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