Snorkel Discovery
Medjumbe Resort,

Snorkel Discovery

Our collection of custom snorkeling tours include many of the best destinations within the Ring of Fire and beyond! From the gorgeous, shallow reefs of Indonesia to off-the-beaten-path locations like the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea, we work hard to find the sweet spots suitable for snorkeling to offer you the trip of a lifetime!

We can offer you trips that are operated for ONLY snorkelers if you prefer. Or if you or your traveling partner is a snorkeler and one a diver, we can recommend the best places on earth to please you both! This is not uncommon.

Some suggestions for awe-inspiring travel and bountiful snorkel trips in Oceana:

All or most of these places can be visited and enjoyed by five star Liveaboard dive vessel or land based snorkel/dive resorts throughout the islands.