AUGUST SUMMER NEWSLETTER 2023 ~ Dive & Africa Discovery Travel

AUGUST SUMMER NEWSLETTER 2023 ~ Dive & Africa Discovery Travel

24 August 2023

I hope Summer has been great and you have had some wonderful family and friends time together! I just returned from an extraordinary trip to Kenya & Tanzania with a group of 7.

I have to say, it was one of the very best wildlife experiences I have had!

It has been a long time since I was in Kenya and it was truly remarkable.

Tanzania was equally beautiful in Tarangire National Park as well as Central Serengeti with all the big cats. Trip report coming soon; I have not even started to look at images
off my dslr camera yet and what I posted on Instagram and Facebook were all from my i-phone!!!

We have some ideas and inspiration for diving and Africa!

Diving Ideas!

Group trips 2024:
Sperm Whale in Water Encounter, January 3-9 2024 Group Trip ~ 5 days on the water with Sperm Whales! 2 spots left!
COST: $6,800 per person based on a single in each room, or for a couple.
Staying at the lovely The Champs in Portsmouth!


Komodo in Warm Water Season!!!
Aboard Adelaar Liveaboard, April 21-May 1 2024 Group Trip
2 spots 1 cabin open, double or twin share on the beautiful Adelaar liveaboard for Komodo
IN THE WARM Water season!
Komodo continues to be one of the premier diving areas in Indonesia;
I finally found a boat that will be there in the WARM WATER time, yay!
I simply cannot dive that cold water any longer, even with my heated vest!
Did you know that horseshoe Bay can actually have GREAT vis with warm water? Shocking I know!
Join me on this fun adventure, the boat only takes 8 people!!

Group trips 2025:

Papua New Guinea: 10nts ~ Milne Bay aboard Oceania Liveaboard, February 6-16 2025 Group Trip
COST: $6,200 per person & $90 E&S fees.

This is a very special rare departure for the beautiful colorful reefs of Milne Bay in Papua New Guinea!

I love it here! NO other boats, the absolute pristine reefs in this magnificent Bio-Diverse area of PNG are beyond stunning! Color, life, crazy creatures and a manta cleaning station to name a few of the delights. Oceania only offers these cruises at the best time of the year for Milne Bay February till end of March.

Join me as we venture to the magic of Milne bay! One of the very special places to dive on earth!

Mexico: Mobulas and Orcas, Sea of Cortez, June 14-21 2025 Group Trip

Spotter Airplane Supported Ocean Safaris Onboard Nautilus Gallant Lady
COST: Superior Cabin: $4,200 inclusive of tax + $35 port fee
1 premium cabin at $4,830 per person + $35 port fee

Join us on this wild and crazy snorkel adventure in the Sea of Cortez! Peak season for Mobulas and Orcas! Get ready to jump and swim to be rewarded with thousands of Mobulas and Cow Nose Rays, plus a plethora of surprises only the Sea Of Cortez can offer! Hopefully Orcas!!!


Alphonse Island may be ‘THE’ quintessential idealic ~sublime island experience you will ever have. Imagine NO people, due to the extreme OUT THERE location in the middle of the Indian Ocean! With stunning diving that will knock your socks off. Untouched pristine reefs.

I have proof from guests who have just returned and others there in January.

You will love me forever, let me take you there…………….. can you picture yourself here?

The raw beauty of an untouched natural sanctuary in one of the prime marine environments in the far reaches of the Indian Ocean can be experienced here…

They have some space if you would like to get away in the Festive Season ~ Christmas and New Years!


Looking for something really different? How about Portugal!!?
I have always wanted to go there, especially to the Azores! Why not?

Now there is a dive operator that is working hard to offer diving to all the different areas in Portugal!
It’s a great destination in terms of pricing, culture and diversity.
Time to try something different!

Take a diving trip to mainland Portugal, the Azores archipelago, or Madeira Islands in 2024 offers many advantages and unique experiences for divers. Here are some compelling reasons to consider:

Rich Marine Biodiversity: Portugal, the Azores, and Madeira are renowned for their diverse marine ecosystems, making them ideal diving destinations. Guests can explore various marine life, including colorful fish, dolphins, whales, sharks, and rare species, providing an unforgettable underwater experience.

Email us for more information

Halmahera ~ Indonesia

Kusu Island Resort

Kusu Island is located in South Halmahera, Indonesia and is a tropical paradise for water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers. Kusu Island Resort is the most luxurious and exclusive Dive and Holiday Resort in this region. We are in the heart of the Coral Triangle, which is recognized as the global centre of marine biodiversity, and the reefs surrounding Kusu Island are virtually untouched and bristling with marine life.

Hot Specials

Bonus Event Weeks ~ Galapagos~
Booking window: Now until September 15, 2023
Travel window: September 30 to December 30, 2023
Humboldt ExplorerSave $2000! Double the savings!
Dive Galapagos’ best itinerary for maximizing your time underwater with hammerheads.
Now starting at $4,195 per person.
October 23 to October 30, 2023
October 30 to November 6th, 2023
November 27 to December 4, 2023
December 11 to December 18, 2023

Tiburon ExplorerSave $1600! Double the savings!
Dive with endemic marine iguanas, molas, and rare sharks in the Galapagos Islands.
Now starting at $5,395 per person.
November 4 to November 11, 2023
November 18 to November 25, 2023
December 23 to December 30, 2023


Africa is HOT! And now I have a new country to entice you with ~ Chad!

It’s in the central heart of the African continent! I will be working on offering a group here in the future once I can find a year that works. SOON! This place is special! From a friend and colleague who has been guiding safaris and worked as camp managers in the finest camps and reserves.

‘The draw is 62 different lions in a week, huge herds of Tiang and red Buffalo, subspecies of giraffes, bushbuck, duikers, gazelles, absolutely astonishing volumes of geese/pelicans/water birds, it’s remoteness and it’s association with Africa Parks.’
Read some info here:

Stay tuned, you can only get here by private charter. Its about the most remote place you can get to! Africa Parks has taken over Zakouma National Park and transformed it back to the throngs of wildlife it used to be!!! And I mean throngs!


And of course, my favorite operator for Southern Africa in Botswana, Zimbabwe & Zambia making all my guests so happy and returning time and time again!

They offer different category types of camps for all budgets!
*current family special: kids 15 & under stay free, conditions apply.

South Africa offers a wonderful kaleidoscope of activities, wine country, safaris throughout the magnificent country, hiking the Drakensburg Mountains, the Sardine Run in June-July!
The list goes on, and pricing is excellent as the SA Rand vs the USD is approx. 16 to 1 USD. It’s an amazing value!

East Africa

Kenya & Tanzania offers a completely different visual with open plains, flat topped acacia thorn trees, it seems to go on forever. I just returned and the wildlife was out of this world!

Stay tuned for my trip report!

Namibia is about the ‘big picture’ the most incredible scenery you can ever imagine! I love this trip: also my operator has recently finished an amazing new camp in Damaraland!

Congo ~ Odzala camps offers a wild place to see lowland gorillas and more. They are offering a super deal right now as they have rebranded:
For the 7-night Odzala Discovery package, we are extending FREE FLIGHTS, which will save each person an impressive US$ 2,070 until end of Dec 2023.
Check out this youtube:

We offer many countries in all of Africa some for amazing culture!

West Africa is renown for incredible culture, we have loads of trips here on our website.

Ethiopia as well in the north and south to see the very very unique tribes as they are today in the Omo Valley

Gabon a crazy country, visits Loango Reserve to see Lowland gorillas & forest elephant, buffalo and more. Also there are 2 reserves to see the beautiful Mandrill primates.

Thank you my dear friends and guests of Dive and Africa Discovery Travel! We cherish your continued support and friendships!

Let us know what is on your mind and where you would love to travel next!

Cindi LaRaia and the Dive and Africa Discovery team!

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