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Great White Shark Cage Diving, Boarding Sea Escape

Isla de Guadalupe, Mexico

Great White Shark Cage Diving Boarding Sea Escape, Isla de Guadalupe, Mexico

Great white shark heaven, guadalupe island's popularity is rapidly growing... 100' visibility makes this place the best on earth to dive with the great white shark.

"Isla Guadalupe" as the local fishermen calls it, is rapidly becoming one of the best locations for Great White Shark encounters in the world, not only because of its constant shark sightings but because of the fantastic water visibility, where you can expect to have 60-100 ft average!. Among a number of regular scheduled trips, every year we organize 3 "Educational and research trips", where we will have the presence of a Shark expert provided by the Shark Research Institute. Afternoon lectures and valuable information will be offered for those who are open to always learn more about this magnificent and misunderstood creature.

Best Season: July - October

Great White Shark Cage Diving - Sample Itinerary

Day 1.

Your arrival to San Diego or Tijuana. Spend the night at a local hotel. Arrangements on your own.

Day 2.

Pick up by van at 08:30 in San Diego, 09:00 in Tijuana, at suggested hotels. Stop at border crossing in San Ysidro in order to get your Mexican visa. Drive to Ensenada arriving at 11:30 and boarding Sea Escape. Immigration and Port authorities will pass inspection and the boat departs right after that.

Day 3.

Arrival to Guadalupe Island at 08:00. Drop anchor, put cages in the water and shark diving begins at 09:00 until 17:00 when cages are taken out of the water.

Day 4.

Diving all day.

Day 5.

Diving until 14:30, cages out of the water and sailing back to Ensenada.

Day 6.

Arrival to Ensenada at 11:00, Immigration and Port authorities pass inspection and shuttle back to Tijuana and San Diego.

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