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Sperm Whales in Dominica, October 20-26 2021 Photo Expedition

Escorted by: Cindi LaRaia

Sperm Whale in Dominica

The Perfect Getaway

Dates: October 20-26 2021
With Tour Leader: Cindi LaRaia.
5 days snorkeling
4 divers per trip

Trip cost : $8,250 per person.
Included: Beach front accommodation (all single rooms, no supplement),
lunch on whale swim days, boat, captain, guide, permit.
Not Included: Airport transfers.

Water temperature: 80 - 82°F (26 - 28°C)
Underwater visibility: 80 - 100 feet (25 - 30 meters)

*Dates and pricing subject to change without prior notice due to conditions overseas and weather patterns.

Sperm Whales with snorkelers in Dominica

Sperm whale Encounters - This snorkeling activity with the native whale of Dominica is only made possible by a special permit from the fishery department. During this week we are the only vessel to interact with the whales and with only four guests on this trip, you will have plenty on time in the water with large sperm whales.

During the past 10 years we have observed Dominica’s west coast hosting approximately five sperm whale families, each with five to nine cetaceans. Females and their calves comprise the majority of these groups. occasionally we will encounter a male, 45 to 55 feet long, easily recognizable being thirty percent larger than the females. Frequently, a family will socialize playing in the water, while other times they may remain stationary, totally ver- tical in the water. Sometimes the pod will swim slowly allowing us to fin with them, while other times their speed picks up as we follow them until they abruptly stop, apparently waiting for us.

Each encounter offers a different opportunity, one more exciting than the next.

Sperm Whales in Dominica


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